DELILA kicks off!

Project DELILA has started for real now as I attended the JISC Programme meeting for the OER Programme Phase 2 last week. We are part of the OMAC strand which is joint with the Higher Education Academy and 11 projects are funded up to £20,000 to look at developing resources for accredited HEA courses. A full list of the other projects is now on the HEA website with a very brief overview of DELILA. However, it was great to meet a former colleague from UCL, Dr Jane Hughes, who is leading a project at UCL working in a really similar area. We’re hoping to work together and share experiences. It was also great to find out about all the support and help that is available from JISC – on IPR matters, technical issues, marketing and evaluation. The JISC OER Infokit is a really valuable resource from Phase 1 of the projects. We’re also expected to upload our resources to OpenJorum, as well as in a local repository, and it was great to hear about the support from the Jorum team.

We also held our start-up meeting for DELILA at LSE on Monday, where as many of the team as possible from LSE, Birmingham and the CILIP Information Literacy group got together. The priority it to get the draft project plan, the work packages document and the budget to our programme manager by tomorrow. However, Monday was a great chance for everyone to meet and to share ideas. We’ve also got to get a press release out fairly soon and hope to be submitting a short paper at LILAC 2011 to report on our experiences.

Our first work package is going to be led by Nancy Graham at Birmingham and we’re going to undertake an audit of our information and digital literacy content at both institutions. It’s a busy time of year to be starting a project when we’re all swamped with induction sessions and lots of teaching, but I think we’ve got together a great team and I’m looking forward to working with everyone! Finally we agreed to use the tag ‘DELILA’ if we tweet about the project – there are several keen Tweeters in our team. But sign up for our blog if you want to keep up to date with our project. We expect to be posting a short update at least weekly, which will certainly keep me busy!

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