LSE team share ideas and brownies

The LSE DELILA team had a quick catch up this morning over coffee and chocolate brownies – the lengths I have to go to get people to come to a meeting! We had a really useful discussion about each of the work packages, clarifying who is involved in each and anything we need to consider. I’m also pleased to have two new members joining the team – Steve Bond, one of our Learning Technologists, who is going to be involved in the repository customisation work, and Peter Spring the Library’s Metadata Officer who will also be working on the repository side of things.

We had a really interesting discussion about depositing content in both in a local and a national repository. It’s part of the requirement from JISC and the HEA to do this, but we wondered if subject focused repositories are in fact more useful, and whether eventually there could be a repository that contains digital and information literacy resources. It’s certainly something Nancy and I were keen on when we first talked about the DELILA project. The team also talked about how challenging it would be to keep IL and DL resources up to date, as we know we have to update materials each time we run some courses – particularly those that use web 2.0 tools. How would we motivate people to keep their resources up to date? Finally we talked about the merit of linking to content rather than physically uploading it into a repository, so for example, some of the LSE resources about preparing poster presentations are on a web page, and if we uploaded a web page to a repository it would get out of date quite quickly, whereas my colleague Steve keeps the web pages up to date. Again this is something that JISC asked for, that we actually upload content, rather than just link to it.

I’ve also now finalised the project plan following some feedback from the HEA and I’ll be off to the ECEL 2010 conference later this week in sunny Porto, not talking about DELILA, but I am sure the topic of open educational resources will come up!

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