Merry Christmas from DELILA

I’ve spent the last few days working on the DELILA project, mainly focusing on work package 2 which is our content review to map digital and information literacy resources identified in the audit, to the UK higher education professional standards framework (PSF). We’re almost there with finalising the work. It’s involved devising lots of codes as short hand for the different aspects of the framework, but also for the SCONUL 7 pillars as well. Mapping the SCONUL 7 pillars to the PSF was also an interesting exercise. Information literacy is really not that explicit in the current PSF, so we’ll hopefully have some interesting findings for the Higher Education Academy.

Work Package 3 involves reviewing all our content to see what can be made available as open educational resources. We’ll be using the CORRE framework, developed by an earlier JISC OER project. IPR issues have been concerning me for a while, but after my visit to Aberystwyth and some discussions with the students there, I realised that many of the screenshots in our IL resources can actually probably be removed. Screenshots have all sorts of potential IPR issues, but provided a place holder that describes the screenshot is available, in the powerpoint or in the workbook, I have decided that they really aren’t that important. They also date really quickly, so most people would replace a screenshot even if they did want to use a resource. Plus how long does it really take to create them, literally seconds! So hopefully I’ll make some good progress with the third work package in January after the break.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year – I’m looking forward to the programme meeting in early January and our DELILA Steering Group as I hope to have plenty to report!

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