JISC OER Programme meeting

I attended the interim programme meeting for the JISC / HEA OER programme yesterday in Birmingham. It was a good opportunity to catch up with other OER projects and to hear from the programme managers. I also spent quite a bit of time catching up with Jane Hughes who is managing the CPD4HE project at UCL. We have been paired together for the evaluation and synthesis part of our projects and had some work to do to compare the evaluation issues we were interested in at the moment and to think about the evidence we should be gathering to support this aspect of the project. It was reassuring to hear that others projects were a little behind schedule, so I don’t feel so bad now! I think next week’s Steering Group will be really important to move us forward though and hopefully get sign off on the first three work packages, so we can then make those available on the website. Thinking about evaluation still, some of the questions I came up with for DELILA include: how could a professional body play a role in accrediting OERs – whether this be the HEA or the CILIP information literacy group, or even SEDA. Also I thought about the type of OERs that are suitable for our community which includes librarians, educational developers and possibly (probably) learners. I also thought sustainability was an issue, something one of the project team at LSE highlighted was information and digital literacy resources get out of date really quickly, so are they sustainable?

I was reminded of all the support we have available to us through the OER Programme yesterday. The IPR Support team gave us some new tools, including a Licensing Decision Tool and a Copyright Decision Tool – I’ve got copies for LSE and Birmingham but they are both on their website. Both useful when we are selecting the content to convert to OER, which is really out next stage. And TechDis reminded me of accessibility issues, so I have now reformatted all the project reports to use word styles. CETIS may also be able to advise us on whether to convert content currently in Moodle books to something else – we had been thinking of using Xerte.

Overall it was a good day, I was just reminded I have to write the Interim report for next month and get our memorandum of understanding finished.

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