The OER conversion continues

I’ve been frantically working on completing the conversion of our resources at LSE to OER and have enlisted the help of various colleagues in CLT and the Library. We identified quite a number of interesting issues while carrying out the conversion, which will be documented in a short report for work package 4. One issue is around how much a resource creator should amend or ‘de-contextualise’ a resource if they are going to share it. Should they do this? Or should they release it and expect others to do this if they want to use it? Also I’ve realised that I frequently use ClipArt images, which need to be removed as they can’t be licensed under Creative Commons. I’m trying now wherever possible to use images from Flickr under a CC licence, but sometimes you do feel like you spend longer finding suitable images than you do thinking about the content of your presentation!

Next week I’m presenting at the LIS-copyseek event at Birkbeck, talking primarily about copyright and e-learning, but DELILA will get a mention in relation to the value of open educational resources. I’ll also be running a workshop for CILIP about information literacy and mobile learning so I am sure DELILA will again get a mention!

I’ve not got long until I go to Cambridge and the project management is handed over for a few months to Steve Ryan. I was excited to see we have our DELILA repository now up and running at LSE ahead of my departure! DELILA will also be presenting at LILAC 2011 in just under 2 weeks but I’ll get my colleagues Maria and Catherine to report on that nearer the time.

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