Come one, come all…!

I am currently compiling the programme for our DELILA dissemination event in July at Senate House on 26th July 2011. I have contacted the speakers and am in the process of getting the admin sorted but it should be a really exciting day. It won’t only be about DELILA (although we will have a slot) but should be of interest to anyone involved in creating and disseminating OERs, and also be useful to educators with an interest in reusable materials. More details will be released via various mailing lists when the programme is finalised, but if you’d like more information generally feel free to contact me.

Catherine Robertson (

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One Response to Come one, come all…!

  1. Jane Secker says:

    Don’t forget to get in touch with the CPD4HE project to see if they want a slot at the day Catherine. I can pass on the details of the project manager if you need her name. I’m really pleased about how the project is going in my absence. Looking forward to getting back to a successful finish!

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