It’s all about quality

The DELILA team have spent quite a bit of time discussing quality issues and recently finished Work Package 8 the Quality Control and Evaluation Report. One of the questions that troubled us was the role of peer review and OERs. Should they be peer reviewed? Our feeling was that because our resources are designed to be used in accredited courses that peer review was important. We developed some criteria for evaluating OERs in digital and information literacy, which we made available several months ago. However, we recently got some professionals to review some of the resources in Birmingham’s repository.

We’ve been discussing if reviews and rating might be appropriate as a feature to add to our repositories. Feedback suggests that a reviewer really needs to try to re-use a resource before they can properly assess it. So that tends to suggest resources must be shared publicly and that peer review should happen afterwards. If you interested in reading more, see our Quality Control and Evaluation Report for more details.

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