DELILA presents in Dublin

Liz Cleaver and Catherine Robertson presented a paper on DELILA at AISHE 11 (All Ireland Society for Higher Education) in Dublin last week. Numbers at the conference were down this year, but there still about 50 or so people there, and this actually made it easier to chat to colleagues in an informal way. It was a two day conference with a wide range of presentations and there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The conference focuses on teaching and learning and so we had decided to concentrate on speaking about work package 2 – mapping the material to the various frameworks – to show how we had tried to make the material as relevant as possible to the education community. We also talked about the challenges we faced – mostly IPR – as we wanted to inspire discussion. The session was very useful and the audience had very useful comments and had lots of thoughts about IRL issues, both that we encountered and from experience in their own institutions. This was reassuring to hear as at least our IPR challenges weren’t exclusive to UoB and LSE.

The other sessions were also useful as, although not directly related to OERs, it was good to hear about teaching practice from a point of view outside that of the UK and we found. The attendees were all enthusiastic and always interested to hear about DELILA. All in all it was an extremely interesting two days, and a conference which Liz and I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in teaching and learning


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