JISC OER programme meeting

It was interesting to attend the OER programme meeting last week with about 40 others  all involved in phase 2 projects. The day began with a talk by David White (Oxford Brookes) who has just published a study on ‘The value of re-use (of OERs)

Some of the things I picked up:

  • Visible (formal / legalised etc) re-use is just the tip of the iceberg
  • Academics don’t view re-use as time-saving; their motivation is more often cited as ‘adding richness’ to their courses
  • Academics are happy to share bits of content, but generally perceive the learning design as the bit they should be doing
  • There is an assumption that there is good stuff out there, and it they (academics or students) can’t find it, they consider it to be a search failure
  • Students often use materials they find for learning, but rarely cite them or even talk about them – because they perceive that they aren’t supposed to (or don’t know how) to reference them formally.
  • Students value academic recommendation and collation

Overall, David suggested that we should continue to evaluate and collate digital resources to scaffold learning; that support in information skills areas should cover using non-conventional sources; and that we should continue to foster a culture of voluntary use and re-use. 


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