Open all hours

Today I spoke at the 25th Heron User Group meeting with June Hedges (UCL) and Donya Rowan (university of Derby) about our experiences of working on an OER project. We focused on the copyright issues that arose during the projects, which were all turning existing content into an OER. We came up with a number of issues including the difficulties of third party content in teaching materials. I spoke about DELILA and the experience of removing content from our digital and information literacy resources due to copyright. There were a number of common themes that arose in our talks, such as the time consuming nature of clearing content which is often largely decorative. It was also suggested that librarians could compile a list of databases that allow screenshots to be used and licensed under creative commons. This sounds like a useful subject for a wiki to combine our knowledge in this area. Finally we concluded that OERs were a good way of engaging academics about copyright issues. They are also a great way of finding resources to improve your teaching and I have actually made use of some of UCL’s resources when teaching on our PGCert.

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  1. Jesús Lau says:

    Excelllent initiative! Jesús Lau

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