Jorum’s Information Literacy collection needs your help!

Recently Jorum created a new and customised Research Data Management (RDM) collection within their collection, which was announced last week. The Jorum team has realised the existing collections were not an adequate location to host these resources, and that the same is equally true for resources relating to Information Literacy and Skills. Therefore, Jorum is planning to create an equivalent Information Literacy and Skills collection that will sit alongside our other collections.

To do this, Jorum need the input of the IL-OER community and beyond to create collection-specific description options. The new RDM collection has its own description fields in addition to the existing fields that we offer for normal Jorum deposit:

Existing Jorum fields:

  •  Title
  • Description
  • Type
  • Language
  • Keywords
  • Resource duration
  • Data of Creation
  • Author
  • Publisher

RDM extra fields (full list attached):

  • Subject (Based on the 20 JACS 3.0 subject classifications plus a non-subject specific option)
  • Audience (e.g. Postgraduate Researcher; Research staff; Librarian/Information Professional; Tenured researcher; support staff and more)
  • Skills (based on the Researcher Development framework these included e.g. Project planning; Creation and collection; Ethics & Data Protection; Storage and preservation and more)
  • Ability level (Introductory; Intermediary; Advanced)
  • Delivery (Classroom-based courses; Individual tuition; Online courses; Training materials)
  • Range (e.g. Department; Discipline; Institution; National/regional and more)

These extra fields are intended to improve description and hence discoverability of these resources and Jorum wants something similar for the new Information Literacy and Skills collection. The new RDM fields fit well in an Information Literacy and Skills collection but IL terms would be needed for each. Some terms will be relevant, but some will not, especially for the Subject, Audience and Skills fields. The Sconul Seven Pillars of Wisdom could be the basis for the Skills options. But the Audience is likely to be much wider and would certainly include more than just Higher Education, which will impact the Subject choices offered.

Siobhan Burke from Jorum has therefore requested that you get in touch with her for suggestions regarding the fields and their possible options and/or changes to the fields.  You can use the  spreadsheet with IL Suggestions for Metadata fields and terms to indicate which terms seem sensible or not as well as adding any new terms you think are relevant. The numbers should be similar for reasons of efficiency and usefulness when it comes to depositing in Jorum, so please do bear this is mind.

We hope this will spark a lot of discussion but also we hope we can come to an agreement so that Jorum can make this collection available to you all as soon as possible.

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