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Benefits and evidence

At the OER programme meeting the 2nd session was a ‘World Café activity’ in which there were 5 areas of discussion, and participants circulated. A few ideas which stood out: 1) Benefits and evidence of OER use and re-use – … Continue reading

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JISC OER programme meeting

It was interesting to attend the OER programme meeting last week with about 40 others  all involved in phase 2 projects. The day began with a talk by David White (Oxford Brookes) who has just published a study on ‘The value of … Continue reading

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Birmingham Teaching Resources repository launched

We’ve now switched on the changes for the University of Birmingham Teaching Resources repository – see for our project page – and all of the resources we’ve uploaded. Hope you like it! We love the look and feel so … Continue reading

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DELILA presentations

I’ve just updated the ‘events and publications’ section – as you’ll see we’ve got a few things coming up – internal events at Birmingham, including our Teaching and Learning conference. Will be very interesting to see what people think. Then Catherine … Continue reading

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CORRE, DORRE and more!

Had a really interesting chat with Gabbi Witthaus last week – who’s exploring how other projects have used the CORRE framework (which came out of the OTTER project), so I explained about our Workpackage 3 – and how we tried to adapt CORRE to be quick … Continue reading

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Promotion, promotion, promotion!

Just been accepted at the University’s Teaching & Learning Conference – and first on! Should be good – feel like the wheels are beginning to move a little here, as we’ve now made contact with 2 academics interested in OERs … Continue reading

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Creative Commons 2.5 v 3.0

A re-occurring query for DELILA has been whether to use CC 3.0 or 2.5 and what the differences really are. JISC legal have clarified below, and summarised as: “In summary, there is a marginal improvement made by the 3.0 suite of … Continue reading

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