DELILA Workshop

On 26th July 2011 the DELILA team held a workshop at Senate House, University of London. The event was sponsored by the Centre for Distance Education and the CILIP CSG-Information Literacy Group.

It attracted over 60 delegates from across the education and library sector. The programme was as follows:

10.30am Registration and coffee

10.50am Welcome from Ruth Stubbings (Loughborough University) and introduction to the day

11am Jane Secker (LSE) – ‘Why, why, why DELILA?’

11.30am Jane Hughes (UCL) – ‘CPD4HE: Digital Literacies in disciplinary learning & teaching’

12pm Ella Mitchell and Cathy Walsh (University of East London) – ‘Introduction to InfoSkills’

12.30pm Lunch and poster session

1.15pm Elizabeth Cleaver (UoB/Newman College) and Claire Gordon (LSE) – ‘OERs : A PGCert Perspective’

1.45pm Hands-on workshop

2.45pm Panel discussion – ‘Is it feasible to share IL?’

3.15pm Closing comments

3.30pm Close

Further information

Recordings from the event have been made available from the Centre for Distance Education’s website.

A poster session was held at lunchtime where over 10 posters from a range of OER projects were presented. The DELILA poster was:
The DELILA Makeover : Changes to the UBIRA ePrints Repository

A second DELILA poster was also produced and available at the event.

A blog post about the event was written by the DELILA team

Sheila Webber also wrote five blog posts about the event on her Information Literacy Weblog. Post 1: overview | Post 2: CPD4HE project| Post 3: UEL Infoskills | Post 4: PGCert persepctives | Post 5: final discussion


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